International Peace Film Festival - IPFF - 2019

We believe in the moral and civic responsibility of the gifted filmmaker and artist to use his or her talents in a manner that positively changes the world and obviates the need for violence. Our vision and philosophy at Peace Film Initiative (PFI) is a world where compassion wins over cold politics, peace wins over terror, and love and coexistence win over bigotry. Our philosophy lies in turning an otherwise violent situation into a peaceful resolution through the art of film.

International Peace Film Festival's (IPFF) first annual international human rights film festival will be held  May 12-16, 2019 in the region's capital, Erbil. The festival's theme is Living Together in Peace to coincide with the first anniversary of the UN General Assembly's 'International Day of Living Together in Peace' (May 16). Our selection criteria includes fictional and short films and documentaries about human rights issues and films that promote peace and coexistence. Along with screenings of films from across the Globe, IPFF will also present a set of panel discussions with filmmakers and human rights activists. IPFF will serve as a bridge between local filmmakers and the world film community and helping to introduce foreign filmmakers to the crisis particular to our region.

The Festival will be the first of its kind in the region's capital. International artists and dignitaries will be invited, among them UN Goodwill and Peace ambassadors.

Our aim is to highlight Kurdistan as a place that advocates peace and coexistence despite being surrounded by aggressive neighbors and constant wars. We are also aiming to partner with the UN to celebrate their designated 'International Day of Living Together in Peace' (May 16th) as the closing day of our festival to be celebrated with music and dance. This will put IPFF-Erbil on the map in the international festival circuit, and consequently serve as good publicity for the region as promoter of peace and coexistence.

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